Electronic Dance Music-A Music For New Generation.

.Mankind is susceptible of almost everything. Change is necessary. Change is good and music is one of the many art form that has seen almost infinite changes. The history of music is an immense field and unless a person is willing to dedicate all his life to it, he or she might not look as deep into it.

Electronic dance music (also known as EDM) is a broad range of percussive electronic music genres produced largely for nightclubs, raves and festivals. It does not hold a specific set of patterns to it’s music as it serves as an umbrella term for other common genres as house, dubstep, electro, trap and many more. EDM has become an entire generation’s pop music. It is true and I have listened to people say that this isn’t the type of music meant to listen to sit in a park and hum to, it was meant to listen to dance your heart out. I’ve seen people getting really upset about it. Many of them even think that one cannot listen to it all the time. But is it really so? I mean, why not? People should be able to enjoy music any type of music whenever or wherever and how much ever they want irrespective of the type of music. I mean, I can dance to Led Zeppelin song as well. I can do it all day long, if dance was the only factor associated to music. In fact the lyrics to Dancing Days by Led Zeppelin says,“Dancing days are here again as the summer evenings grow; I got my flower, I got my power, I got a woman who knows.” The artists like Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Deep Purple, The Beatles, Mozart, Sir Ludwig Van Beethovan etc, are obviously a great part of musical history. I cannot also forget Linkin Park, Greenday, Hoobastank, Hinder or Sum 41 for all the amazing masterpieces they have created. Hozier, Bastille and Lana Del Ray also follow closely as most of their song contain soothing music and highly lyrical content but that doesn’t mean that people don’t appreciate Katy Perry, Kanye West or Avril Lavigne.

How people enjoy and how they express their joy is totally their concern. EDM is a relatively new genre in music compared to rock, jazz, classical or blues which have been with us forever. Yes, it is a genre with simple melodies, catchy lyrics, lots of bass, gritty synthesizers and white noise, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy it as much as other genres. The most frequent questions that I’ve encountered or came across is “All the songs sound same to me. How is this song, in any way, different from the song that we’ve just heard?” Technically there are many differences like House may range from 115-130 bpm (beats per minute), an Electro typically has 128, Dubstep has 140 and Drum and Bass may have 165-175 bpm. The most of all, what people fail to understand that it’s just not the song, it’s the feeling that you get by listening to the song. Well, to me that feeling is great and varies with every song. Every song has a different experience surrounding it. Though it might be predictable to some folks, but does that make it any less enjoyable?

Dance is the new pop, they say. The very concept of it popularly influencing so many other genres and creating a fusion of sounds, is amazing. I don’t think anyone can expect a random genre to come suddenly and be so vastly associated and spread across the globe in such a short time. Though technology plays a part in it, but I think the maximum part of it is because of the type of music alone. Earlier, finding a dance track on radio FM was almost impossible, but now a days they actually started playing 5-6 minutes dance tracks. Everyone has different ways of expressing their music. Obviously, we cannot expect from everyone to understand or appreciate every other types of genres, otherwise we may not have been seeing so many variety of genres as we can see now and different type of music would not have been wide spread. It would be saying like Slash likes One Direction, which we obviously know he doesn’t (commented by Slash himself when asked about the latter).

In the end, EDM is also a type of music that people can enjoy for a long period of time without having breaks. One does not have to be high or stoned to enjoy this type of music for long periods(as one of many drawbacks of listening to EDM songs that people might believe, although it started as music for party places and festivals mostly). I don’t think one can explain as to why they like any type of music because it is like a feeling when you see a painting, the perception of the whole art form may vary from person to person and to a lot. EDM is being celebrated all over the world now and in such a huge mass. In my opinion, it’s the way they see the world with their eyes, where there is always fun and for once they don’t have to worry about other earthly matters and just enjoy the moment.

“It’s the way we see the world, yes it is!
It’s the way we see the world, yes it is!”.

Music, Love & Peace.


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  1. shubhamsavvy says:

    Very good kid. Long way to go!!!


    1. sin3dd says:

      Thanks, uncle! xD


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