A Thing Called Desire. A Thing Called Hope.

Why do we suffer? Simple answer to that would be that things don’t happen the way we want them to be, not always. Wanting, desiring and hoping for a definite outcome leave us susceptible to suffering. The pain to follow varies, depending on the level of hope and desire we hang on to. Well, everyone suffers, some of us more than the others. Suffering is unavoidable. Suffering is caused by craving. Human kind desires relief in such a way that is ultimately not satisfiable to the soul and it won’t end until we put a dot to our own desire. Not fulfilling our desires causes all the suffering .Whether it is physical or psychological, we all have some issues in life that we cannot counter, at least immediately at the moment of it’s origin. Some of us want a home, some of us want friends, some family, some of us want a job, some of us want to leave a legacy, and then there are some of us who want to never want anything again. The last one mentioned are the type of people who have had too much of the pain dwelling inside them and just want it to go away.

Hope. It is the counterpart to desire. It’s the Ying to its Yang. They are the best combinations ever. Are we not supposed to feel anything when we fail to make things go our way? I mean, wouldn’t it be much wiser to just do things or complete a job without any expectations? Wouldn’t it be much wiser and healthy to never do or crave something that we think would give us hopes or desire? The very foundation of men can be related to those two terminologies and it seems so fragile and prone to infinite aftermaths. The catastrophe it brings along with it is unimaginable. Yet, we crave more, we want more, we desire for more, and we hope for the best. One ceases to exist if the other doesn’t. Hope brings out desire and desire triggers hope in most of us.

People say that we need to get back up once we fall, that we should make  something better of a bad situation. Sometimes they fail to understand  how hard it is to get back up! I don’t think, anyone can actually feel the same kind of pain the others go through. This can be explained by the fact that no two pain are similar. So I think it would be much easier, to not feel  depressing if we rid ourselves from all desires.


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