Right or Wrong?

What is right? What is wrong? Is it really possible to justify these two choices? I guess not.

When it comes to being right or wrong in any field it boils down to variable perspectives. So, the right thing for me could very well be wrong in your views. If you don’t believe me, let me take out a page from the history book and jog your memory.

Take the nuclear bombings for instance which rained down hell on Japan. We all know, if not all the facts but right off the top of our heads about the two nuclear bombings which nearly decimated two entire cities. The blast was so huge that it was heard over 160 kilometers(approx. 99 miles). Was that really a necessary evil? The catastrophe destroyed anything and everything including HUMANS. The radiation was enough to deliver a fatal blow even without coming in direct contact of the blast. This inhumane act might be the right thing to do for The Allies at that time, but didn’t work out so well for the citizens of the “Land of rising sun”. Right there, is my point; right or wrong is all relative.

Now, let’s talk about the Führer of Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler was hated by many, but some idealized him too. He was cruel and tyrannical, but a master dictator. He believed in his cause and it was the correct path for him; the rest of the world thought otherwise.

Let’s take it down a couple of notches, and come to less violent and more day to day related scenario. We can see that most of the parents try and protect their children from doing certain things. Which I understand, when I try to look at it through their perspectives. But as children, or even as a youngsters many of those things may or may not make sense to us, and later we may end up doing the same thing which we are not supposed to in the first place. As children or teenagers, we are supposed to live, to turn our music way too loud, to make mistakes and to act like idiots (as said in Footloose). You guys have seen it right? I am talking about the remake and not the one with Kevin Bacon in it. It was in 1984. Anyway, one more case and point would be the invention of cellular phones. Yes, it was a great invention that allowed us to simplify a ton loads of our day to day work. In addition to that, it also decreased our social interaction to our immediate surrounding by a huge amount, statistically speaking. People spend more time on their smart phones than they do talking to other people around them.

Basically, the very existence of right and wrong is based on relativity. While it is right for someone, it may be wrong for countless others.


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  1. Ida Auclond says:

    You’re right (haha). I’ve tried to do what society thinks is “right” – get a real job – but it was wrong for me. It made me depressed. My art is my reason to live… who cares if I gotta wait on tables to pursue my passion? I don’t.

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