Life At A Glance

The thought that kept me preoccupied the whole day is ‘What is the meaning of this Life?’. Yes, I know! Very philosophical of me! The formal answer that Google showed me was “The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death“. But, the informal answer is the subject of our discussion here. Earlier today I asked my beloved mother “Mom, we grow up, we work, we get a job, then we get married/we don’t get married and then we die. So, what is the point going through all the hustle when we are all going to die one day? She responded “The point is you have to make your life worth something, make a name for yourself, in society or in the world. That is it’s meaning.”

Meh, that wasn’t enough for me! That came nowhere close to a satisfactory answer. There has to be more than that. So I spent better part of my day today, searching the internet for answers. Nada! Well, not nothing exactly. There were whole bunch of articles and videos of saints and priests and other religious person who sounded great at first, but then I realized that whatever they were saying had nothing to do with what I was searching for! But, Holy Hades! Their ingenuity really surprised me. They do know how to create a media and circulate it. Entire fleet of them were saying do this and do that while avoiding the question so perfectly that it made me ponder how much experienced they might be having in their respective fields. More surprising were the people in some of the videos listening to them. I don’t judge their faith or belief. Who am I to do that? So, I am sorry if I have made someone uncomfortable. But, they were taking life lessons from someone else and that is the fact that is surprising. I mean, could you really look for an answer from someone else if couldn’t find it yourself!

We know for a fact, that nothing lasts forever. Death is inevitable. So why is it so crucial to make our life worth it. That rises yet another question, that how to make one’s life valuable or worthwhile? What decides what a worthy life is and to what extent? It seriously makes my head dizzy whenever I think about it. So much confusion, yet no solution!

All the great persons in the world, from Srinivasa Ramanujan to Albert Einstein, from Jesus to Prophet Mohammed, from Barack Obama to APJ Abdul Kalam, were/are insanely good teachers, innovators, leaders, etc(because the list of their quality is too huge). But, none of them survived for eternity(not that I think that they wanted to). Each and everyone of them has passed away or are going to in a few months/years/decades. Forget them, no offence, but some of the people who even studied about them in their text books, or magazines or wherever are also dead. When we were cavemen, we survived just fine. So if it’s about survival, then I think we still can do a pretty bang up job at that.

The only absolute knowledge attainable by men is that life is meaningless.“-Leo Tolstoy

The reason dying is so easy is because death has no meaning… And the reason death has no meaning is because life has no meaning. All the same, have fun!”-Janne Teller

These are some quotes I found in the internet. Leo “freaking” Tolstoy said it, man. I may be looking at it the wrong way, but that just means that I haven’t found the right way yet. But, seriously I really want to know what is MY purpose in this earth! People say that everybody is born with a purpose. Or is it just something people say like LOL or ROFL? I don’t know. Yet. But, I’m determined to find out. And folks, that was/is my lesson today. That there is NO satisfactory answer. Sometimes things are just the way they are. That NO ONE can ever tell you why you are here and what you are destined for. I guess it’s left in the individual to find out where he belongs and what is he destined for in this great big sphere.


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