Finding A Job Is Easy?Competition Says: Don’t Think SO.

It is said that INTERNET is one of the best creation of 20th century. Over the time, internet has helped circulating things in a way that other media sources like television, newspaper, magazines etc., couldn’t. It’s not because how widespread it is. It’s because how many people it can reach around the world. With the enormous knowledge that it has provided us, it also heightened the competition to a next level. Competition is everywhere. Take an example from this very website-WordPress. This site has humbly accepted anyone and everyone, irrespective of their gender, cast, nationality, etc. Everyone with an internet connection can write/share/describe their views/day-to-day life experience/what & what not’s etc in a jiff. But, even this site, is not indifferent to competition. The competition here is the competition of marketing. People might overlook it or ignore it or they might even refuse to accept it but it does exist. I not saying anything new, I am merely stating what the obvious truth is. They want their posts to be reached to thousands. Maybe even more people, if one is dissatisfied. At least, I am. Just reach your inner self and ask yourself, are you or are you not? Most of the times, the answer will be yes. Because we want to be heard. And there’s nothing wrong with it.

But, for a newbie like me and countless others, who just started a brand new blog, it is very hard to convey our words to the people out there. I mean, why should they right? There are better, more eligible, more effective & more efficient writers/bloggers out there. And if I/we cannot produce anything new, the whole blog falls to nothing. The whole point of blogging(in my opinion) is to convey messages to the world, to let your heart out to the world and get the same in return. But, why should people look at a recent blogger’s profile when they could be going through the blog posts of the predominated tycoons out there! It is a really hectic job to get an audience.

Now, I am not talking about just WordPress. With all the things circling around us, one thing remains constant-TIME. Even it favors the one who has already found a stand in their respective fields in the vastness of this world. My question remains-how to be successful in the market with the sharks subjugating every body of water you swim in! Only once in a while we may see a person who has shone really bright irrespective of the hardship in his/her field. But, what about the others? How to know whether a person is eligible for a certain job or not? A street vendor might have better management sense than a business man. You never know! Yet he cannot use his skills to his full potential because well, first of all, people won’t even consider him for a job because he’s a street vendor. Now,  for example, I will narrate you a brief story of a successful man in India. The man is none other than Narendra Modi, you might know him or might not, he’s kind of famous now. But, before all this, he used to have a tea stall in Gujrat(India) and he used to work there. Now he practically runs the country. He’s the Prime Minister of India!

There are people like Narendra Modi everywhere, all around the world. But recognizing them and their talent is the hard part. My point being, don’t neglect every person that comes to you. Reach out to every person, look at them, analyze them as humans and not some kind of part for your new machine and give him a chance. Who knows! He might be destined for so many great things than people around him might think of. I know saying it from here  makes it sound very easy. I know it is going to be hard. But, if we don’t help each other out. What are we actually living for? All those life mantras, meditation, exercises etc., won’t take you anywhere. So please, START being a HUMAN, and STOP being a MACHINE. I am apologizing to anyone if my post have hurt you in any way. But, you know it’s the truth.


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