Marijuana: Should It Be Legalized All Over The World?

Before contemplating about the fact that whether Marijuana should be legal or illegal; we have to do the ground work properly, gather facts, research about it’s effects on human body and mind and take into account of personal views as well. Only with all those into account we can say for sure whether it should be legalized or not.

Marijuana or Cannabis or whatever name you want to call it by is derived from it’s parent plant which also goes by the same name, Cannabis. Weird right? The plant Cannabis has three different species-Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. Though all the three can drive you to the “Euphoric State“, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are the mostly used drug(medicinal or recreational).

Why so? If all of them can get us high than why use just two of them? Let me tell you why. Indica sounds like a car, or rather is a car, so when you are high you go on a sweet drive, Sativa sounds exotic and Ruderalis sounds well… Rude! Just kidding! The answer lies in a compound called THC. THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) are most abundant in Indica and Sativa, leaving their brother a small room for growth! See what I did there?

How does it really effect us(scientifically talking)? Extensive study suggests that we have something called cannabinoid receptors throughout the body, but basically they all fall under two broad categories-CB1 & CB2, which are responsible for many of our feelings such as appetite, pain-sensation, moods etc. So, if you feel low, go have a joint or a bong-cap and life will become mellow again(don’t take it seriously). Interesting fact is not only humans have these so called cannabinoid receptors but also various mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles. So, if you have a dog, keep them out of the room while you smoke up that joint we were earlier talking about or your dog might not bark when an intruder gets into your home(hypothetically). When we are not talking scientifically, well, let’s just say it makes us feel creative. Now, to the serious stuff, the chemical compound which is responsible for all the fun in our body is called Cannabinoid. It can only be artificially created. Dang! Why can’t it be naturally secreted? Anyhow, it attaches itself to cannabinoid receptors that alter neurotransmitter release from the brain. Ask Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.

The next question is if both are Cannabis, which one is used for what? Which one gets you high and which one is used for treatment purposes? For your information, both are and can be used to get into the state of being “stoned“. Indica tends to make your action slower and Sativa injects you with an extra dose of energy. So, primarily it boils down to whether you want to be a layabout or you want to get up from that seat you are sitting on for days, thinking what to do and start creating stuffs.

A study has revealed that in U.S., almost around 67%69% of the Doctors surveyed by WebMD, which is an online publisher of health related news, say that Marijuana worked for certain treatments or therapies. In fact, many doctors are already prescribing it for medicinal purpose. Some of the benefits of Indica may include relaxation of body pain. Relaxation of muscles. It also helps in reducing seizures, anxiety and it reduces stress if taken in very small(medicinal) doses. Benefits of Sativa lies in energetic,focus and well, recreational thoughts. Some people also believe that inhaling Marijuana decreases the chances of having cancer. Moreover, Cannabis Sativa can be used to make many industrial materials and it was used to be crafted as a fiber material 10,000 years ago(not kidding!) like textiles, clothing etc.

“The medical community is clearly saying they support using marijuana as a potential treatment option for any number of medical problems. In fact, many doctors already prescribe it,” says Dr. Michael W. Smith, chief medical editor of WebMD.

Am not done here folks, since you know or have a knowledge about the most feel-good  part of the stuff, you should probably consider the bad effects as well. Headaches and migraines may increase or decrease depending on the person and the intake of the substance. Yet another research has stated that it may lead to several imperfections in humans such as short-term memory loss, impaired motor skills, feelings of paranoia, anxiety, etc. In long term use, one may go through various memory related problems, addiction(yeah, becoming a junkie is definitely one of the side-effects).

Now, coming down to the fact whether it should be legalized on not. Umm, maybe, maybe not. To me it has always been the “HAPPY DRUG“. I haven’t seen a marijuana smoker going out in the street creating chaos and nuisance. The most irritating part that I have seen or been around is the loud music people play after smoking it(and the taste of their music. Ugh! No one listens to Rock Music anymore). “Bob freaking Marley” used to smoke it openly and many of his beautiful creations are done while under the influence of Marijuana(it’s called recreational not for nothing). Unlike alcohol, there’s no physical harm involved (that I came across in many occasions of “Bar Fights”). Also, if it was that bad as people think then the U.S. wouldn’t have legalized it in many of it’s states. I tell you, it could bring peace if everybody smoked it, all around the world(who knows right!). With that said, peace out and happy listening to “Buffalo Soldier”.

P.S.-Credits to Wikipedia. Check out the Cannabis link below. You might learn something today.


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